Step-by-Step Guide on How to Bathe Your Dog from Head to Toes

There are nearly 170 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Add to that the number of mixed-breed dogs and you’ll realize that the canine universe is extremely diverse. Therefore, there are some dogs that have a long coat that gets dirty easily. Some, on the other hand, has a coat that looks shiny and clean all the time. But, looking clean does not mean it actually is clean.

All dogs, including both those with long and those with short hair, need to get their baths on a regular basis. It’s not only to keep their coat beautiful; it’s also to remove bugs and parasites that might have found their home inside the coat.

Bathing your pup once a month is enough. Of course, you can do it more often if it’s not a hassle for you or the dog. If your pup loves batching, you can do it several times a week, under the condition you’re using quality dog cosmetics that won’t dry out his skin and/or coat.

No matter how often you’re going to bathe your dog, you need to make sure you’re going to do it properly. And if you don’t know how, we’re going to help you out. Here’s a short guide on how to batch your pup from head to toes!

Step 1 – Buy the Right Dog Cosmetics

You can use your own shampoo to bathe your pup; he needs cosmetics designed for dogs. The reason is that dog shampoos are designed to remove all the dirt from his fur as well as kill all the parasites that might be living there.

Step 2 – Make Sure He’s Drunk Enough Water

You need to make sure your dog’s drunk enough water before bathing him because otherwise, he might decide to quench his thirst by drinking the bath water. And that water is not only filled with hair and dirty, but also with chemicals that makeup dog shampoo.

Step 3 – Brush His Coat

It’s important to brush his coat before the bath. The reason is that dry fur is easier to brush and by doing it, you will be able to remove dirt, as well as hairs that have already fallen off. Furthermore, brushing him before the bath is of utmost importance if you’re going to bathe him in your bathtub. By getting rid of chunks of dirt and hair, you will make sure the sink won’t get clogged.

Step 4 – Soak Him Up and Apply Shampoo

Now it’s time to soak him up in the water. But, before you do that, it’s necessary to check out the water temperature. You can use a thermometer for this or test the temperature with your own hands. The water should not be too cold nor too hot.

If it feels good when you run water over your hand, it means the temperature is right. And it also means it’s time to give your pup a shower. Once his coat is soaking wet, it’s time to apply the dog shampoo. Use your hands for this and make sure a lot of foam is created. Spread it all over his coat, but make sure it doesn’t go on his head. It’s because his eyes and ears are sensitive and shampoo foam has no place there.

Step 5 – Thoroughly Wash Away the Shampoo

Although it’s true that dog shampoos usually don’t contain any harmful substances, we still recommend washing it away thoroughly. The reason is that if it stays inside your dog’s coat, it may interfere with the natural oils that keep the hair healthy.

Step 6 – Dry Him Off with a Towel

The wet coat is easy to get dirty. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t let your dog go outside before drying him off. Of course, if it’s hot outside, you may get an idea that the coat will dry on its own. The problem is that your pup will probably have no intention of staying in the sun. Instead, he’ll go straight onto the lawn or some other place where he might get dirty again.

Step 7 – Deal with His Ears

Now that you’re finished with bathing your pup, it’s time to clean his ears. Do not do it with water! The reason? It’s very hard to remove moisture from his ear, so if even a small amount of water gets in there, it will create an environment that’s very suitable for all kinds of parasites.

Instead, use cotton pads for cleaning your dog’s ears. You can use them dry or soak them in some kind of liquid with anti-bacterial properties. For instance, you can use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide for this purpose or some product specially designed for cleaning dog ears.

Step 8 – Take Care of His Nails

The best time to cut his nails is right after the bath. The reason is that at this point, his nails are as soft as it gets. Sure, they’re never soft as human nails, but the bathwater has certainly made some impact in making them easier to cut. Apart from sharp scissors, you will also need some cosmetics designed for dog nail care.

How to Bathe a Dog That Hates Water?

Some dogs love water, some hate it. If your pup belongs to the latter category, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of trouble bathing him. Of course, this is an obstacle that can be overcome with patience and determination. You will have to do it on a regular basis, making sure to reward your pup with a treat when he behaves well in the bath, as well as raise your voice at him if he does something you don’t like.

But, if you’re not willing to waste your time, nerves, and energy on trying to give your dog a proper bath, why not let professionals do it? The chances are there are many dog groomers in your area, who have all the tools, as well as all the experience needed to bathe your pup without too much hassle.

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