Homemade Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

We know that there is nothing like delectable homemade dog treats that your pets just love getting from your hand. Not only are they healthier than dry kibble-they bespeak the loving thoughtfulness of the caring master. When you take the time and effort to make these, you can be sure it’s are worth it.

You do not need to research long to find recipes for homemade dog treats. You can find a relatively good one after a few minutes of browsing through the web. You must be more circumspect when choosing which ones to use though. There are several ingredients that are bad for the dog and when you incorporate these, albeit unwittingly, in their food-it will complicate their health.

So what are some of these ingredients? The blessed chocolate is a heavenly treat for a majority of us but for your pet-it is very harmful for him. Chocolates can cause an accelerated heart rate or irregularity in the heart because of the compound theobromine. When you combine intense exercise and chocolates-the canine’s heart might not be able to adequately keep up with him.

Fruits are beneficial to everybody, including our pets. However, did you know that there are some fruits that will be bad for him? The seeds of apricots, cherries and apples can result in cyanide poisoning. Grapes and raisins, consumed in large quantities produce kidney problems; and avocados contain persin which is destructive to the canine’s major organs.

Onions are known to cause hemolytic anemia to canines, which basically mean the breakdown of the red blood cells in the body. This produces shortness of breath. Avoid giving large quantities or small but consistent amounts of onions and garlic to the dog. Also keep away from serving too much liver meat. A measured amount is good for his health but too much can lead to bone problems because of vitamin A toxicity.

Omega 3 fatty acids as found in fish oils are excellent to use in his diet. While fish is good for him, do not give him the salmon variety. Uncooked salmon can be a source of infection that will set off vomiting and diarrhea. Also watch out for tomatoes. Because of the element atropine, many parts of the tomato plant instigate adverse symptoms like irregular heartbeat, dilated pupils and tremors.

Look out for any signs like bloody diarrhea, vomiting, unusual laziness/ sluggishness or changes in his behavior and physical appearance. When you notice these symptoms taking place, go to the vet immediately for diagnosis. The earlier the sickness is detected, the better the chance the canine will be able to recover completely.

Do not be intimidated with the cautionary measures of canine health. When you know what to avoid, you should go ahead and get the best recipes for homemade dog treats and have fun with it. There are just too many benefits in creating these yummy homemade dog treats. Go ahead and discover it for yourself today!

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