The 5 Foods You Must Keep Away From Your Dog

All dog owners know just how hard it is to resist feeding their much-loved pets a few tasty treats, especially when faced with those huge ‘feed me’ eyes, and sometimes a few extra morsels are absolutely no problem at all.

However, there are some foods that really must be avoided at all costs as they can make your pooch seriously ill, or in some cases even be fatal.

If you are not sure what kind of things need to be kept well away from your dog take a look at this list, which features five of the most toxic foodstuffs for your canine friend.

1. Xylitol

This artificial sweetener can be found in tons of products which are labeled as ‘low sugar’. Always check the packages of food like cake mixes, and yoghurts before sharing any with your dog, and keep your gum or sugar-free candy well out of their reach.

Watch out for scraps of safe food which feature jams and condiments too, as many of those are also a no-no. Basically this poisons your dog by lowering its blood sugar and triggering liver failure.


We love it, so why shouldn’t your pet be partial to a square or two? The truth is that 1 square of milk or white chocolate at Christmas may not cause the average dog any problems, but realistically who would stick to that rule?

Dogs are scavengers by nature and will happily tuck into any amount of chocolate they come across, so keep it well out of reach at all times, or risk a dash to the emergency vets and the risk of seizures, heart problems, or even death.

Raisins and grapes

Fruit isn’t always a healthy option treat for your dog, and grapes are known to cause kidney failure after just one large bunch is eaten. Keep your grapes in the fridge rather than the fruit bowl and make a strict rule to never share even one grape with your dog.

Dried fruit is even worse, and a many seasonally popular foods like mice pies and Christmas cakes are packed with them take extra care to keep these foods well away from your dog.

Macadamia nuts

Your dog should never be allowed near these nuts, or any cookies/cakes etc which contain them. There is a toxin in macadamia nuts which leads to dogs developing all kinds of problems from tremors to depression.

Just a few nuts can lead to problems, especially in dogs with a low body weight

5. Avocado

We know avocado is a healthy addition to our diet, but this doesn’t apply to dogs as they are unable to tolerate the persin they contain.

This compound is extremely poisonous, and can quickly lead to death, and as it is found in all parts of the plant make sure that both the flesh and the skin (and leaves if you grow them) are kept safely out of a dog’s reach and diet.

Final Words

So if you ever felt apprehensive about buying food for your dog, or have ever worried about which foods could cause them some, then hopefully this has settled some nerves. Just make sure they aren’t anywhere near these foods and you’ll be just fine!

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