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How to bath dog at Home

While most dogs enjoy splashing around in the water and will gladly jump in mud puddles, it turns out that a majority of them hate being in the water, if soap and being scrubbed are part of the equation. So, what should you do if your furry best friend hides or starts acting out as soon as you say ‘bath time?’

how to bath dog at home
How to bath dog at home

Do you forcefully take him to the bathtub, or do you let him have his way? Well, first things first – always ensure that you have the right bath-time supplies ready, such as an all natural dog shampoo. Then try out the tips below to make your dog’s bath-time less stressful.

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1. Walk Your Dog

Bathing is supposed to make your dog relax and not be his source of anxiety. Therefore, instead of trying to take your dog to the bathroom forcefully, clean it up, and move out of there as soon as possible, ensure that you make him ready for it.

One way to do so is by taking your dog for a walk before the bath. This way, he will become exhausted and will naturally enjoy splashing in the bathwater even if it contains all-natural dog shampoo. Also, after a long, active walk, your dog will have less energy to fight against the bath.

2. Have the Supplies Ready

Not having everything you need for bath-time ready means that at some point, you will have to go out to get it. In the process, your dog will also try to follow you.

This will not only leave you with messy puddles, but it will also be hard to get your dog back into that tub again. In that regard, always ensure that you have all the bath-time pet supplies ready even before you take a walk. This way, when you come back, you can start the bath right away.

3. Treat Your Dog

The secret recipe to making your dog’s bath time less stressful for both of you is teaching him to love water. As a pet parent, you know that food and treats are the best motivators when it comes to getting a particular desired behavior out of your dog.

With respect to that, encourage your dog to jump in the tub every time you come back from the walk, and if he does, give him a treat. Also, encourage him to remain still while the water is running and treat him if he obeys.

Doing so for a few days will help him develop a positive outlook towards bathing, and the next time you return from a walk, he will willingly hop into the tub and stay calm. One trick that works well is smearing some peanut butter on the wall in front of your dog. This way, you can easily scrub the dirt on his body away while he is busy tasting it.

4. Plan For Bath-time Outside

Some dogs hate bath time because it involves being confined in a small space. Your dog is more likely to jump into a pool of water outside than into a tub indoors. Therefore, try planning for bath-time outside at least every once in a while to make the activity more interesting.

5. Add Some Fun to it

As mentioned, the goal here is to make your dog love the idea of being in the water and given a bath using an all natural dog shampoo. Using treats will do the trick, but it’s not enough. Bring in some of your dog’s favorite plastic toys. This way, bath-time will no longer be an annoying and stressful process, but playtime and a bonding time for both of you.

Regular bathing will not only leave your dog looking Instagram-worthy but also removes dead skin cells and excess sebum, and is the best way to control allergens and mites.

But not all dogs enjoy bath-time. With the tips above and all-natural dog shampoo, you can make bath-time for your dog more enjoyable.

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