Dog Food and Nutrition Tips: Keeping your dog’s coat shiny and happy

Your best friend deserves nothing less than the best. Giving your dog his or her day to day packet food is simply not enough. For your dog to be at his or her utmost healthy shape and spirits there is much more to be asked for in terms of extra supplements and raw nutritional food intakes.

In this blog post, we are set to talk in depth about the best dog food and what to feed your dog to develop a nice and shiny fur coating.

Here is a chart of the ancestral diets of your four-legged friend:

  • mostly bone and meat
  • soaring in moisture
  • short in carbohydrates
  • about 20% fat, 50% protein
  • pre-digested vegetation
  • via the stomach of a prey

The top five benefits of Raw Food for Dogs

1. Muscle Tone

You four-legged friend is in actual a carnivore, which requires his or her to eat protein and fat. On feeding this diet, they would be shedding the fat-fuelled by carbohydrate for revealing their sleek, fine-looking, firm body.

The raw foods for dogs are almost always absent of cereal filler (carbohydrates) and this is vital to getting your dogs muscle tone and weight right. Proteins are the building blocks of your dog’s skin, hair muscle, organs, and joints and there is no alternative otherwise.

2. Behavior

Dog Food and Nutrition Tips

The step up in behavior from the intake of raw dog foods are primarily because of the elimination of dry food substances from their diets. Dry foods tend to fuel poor behavior in 3 distinct ways:

  1. Dry foods are lofty in easily digestible carbohydrates that fuel insulin levels and high blood sugar levels, long associate to poor behavior.
  2. It is jam-packed with chemicals that are harmful for your best friend.
  3. It contains a low content of vitamin B, which is the mind soothing vitamin for dogs. In addition, the vitamin B is extremely sensitive to extended storage durations.

3. Dental Hygiene

Slicing out the dry kibble and providing a dog with a quantity of meat on the bone enhances dental hygiene and decreases bad breath. Nine out of ten dry fed dogs go through gum diseases by two years. Kibble tends to bounce off their teeth, and hence there are now specially formulated dental kinds.

Sadly, your dog has no amylase in his or her saliva, as it breaks down the carbohydrate sugars inside the mouth. In this sense, the sugars in such dry food produce fuels growth of bacteria causing poor dental hygiene and health, such as gingivitis, calculus, plaque, tartar, periodontal diseases and the like. In simple words, dogs call for fresh meat bones for cleaning their teeth, which are not cooked, but raw in preparation.

4. Coat Conditions:

Dog Food and Nutrition Tips

The foremost physical alteration will be evident in your dog’s coat quality. From your dog’s total protein intake, up to 40% goes into their coat and skin! As a result when your dog is fed with a short meat protein, and cereal-based food diet, like most of the dry foods, he or she will not contain the spare protein for growing a healthy coat. As a general rule raw dog foods are high in (protein) fresh fat and fresh meat that works together for the fuelling of a plush coat,

1. Raw Foods for Dogs produce Lesser Wastes, and is simpler to Train and are Better for the Kidneys

Raw Foods for Dogs

The quantity of salt in dry food products starts on at 1.2%, which is the equivalent salt percentage in salted peanuts and four times the RDA of salt in your dog’s every meal. If there is no salt in your dog’s dry food products, your dog would never touch the foodstuff. By reason of the high quantities of salt in your dog’s diets, he or she would have a propensity of drinking large sums of water, leading to higher totals of urine excretion. Aside from the concerns of the toilet, this would also fuel a number of kidney diseases in your dog.

In addition, there are also feces to be dealt with, as the window of your dog’s digestion. As the fresher foods are easier in digesting than the cooked food, it causes enhanced digestion, leading to lesser feces. The stools emanating from the raw dog foods also smell different from the stools emanating from the dry dog foods, which is another small advantage.

All in all, bone and meat are the apt diets for a dog on a regular basis, even excluding the otherwise scandalous and dangerous effects such as the number of kidney diseases, cancer, and pancreatitis happening in dogs these days. The dry type of food diets simply does not work out for their health.

A Classic Dog Recipe

A Classic Dog Recipe

In this segment, we are offering you a simple raw food based recipe, which you can prepare and feed your dog to witness your dog at its happiest and at its utmost health peaks:


  • 1 cup of ground meat
  • One-fourth cup of liver from either beef or chicken
  • Half cup of cooked rice
  • One-fourth cup of vegetables
  • One hard-boiled egg
  • One table spoon fish oil

You must cook all the ground meat till you don’t view the pink anymore. Blend in the liver, sliced boiled vegetables and egg, and stir-fry till the veggies are completed. Add the rice and fish oil and it is ready for serving. It is efficient and simple when the culinary inspiration is absent.

Bottom Line

Followers of this kind of dog food also contain a number of bases in doing so. First of all, the non-cooked food aids in retaining its vital nutrients, for instance enzymes, minerals antioxidants, and vitamins. In addition it helps in maintaining the natural content of moisture in the food, which would allow your dog to digest it in a much easier way in comparison to the cooked food ones.

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