Can A Dog And A Fish Tank Co-Exist?

People often ask if you can have a dog and a cat as pets. Or, a dog and a hamster or other small creature.

But, what about fish? Can you have a dog and keep a fish tank in the same house?

The answer, is of course, yes. With some caveats, however.

You’ll definitely need to take precautions that your dog is not going to ruin your aquarium and kill your fish. Your dog will also show some signs that they are planning a fish massacre at some point so you’ll need to know the signs.

In this article, we will go over some ways to make sure your fish and dog can co-exist.

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Train Your Dog

If you had your fish before your dog, then you can get a head start by training your dog from the very beginning to know the fish tank is off-limits.

If you are considering what kind of dog to buy, then make sure you are picking an easy to train breed.

If you already have a dog then you may not need to do any training. If you notice your dog is taking an unhealthy interest in the fish or the tank, then you’ll need some training quickly.

Let them satisfy their curiosity by bringing them with a leash so they can get close but you are still in control. This may be the end of it once they can sniff around and see there is nothing really interesting there.

If your dog is high strung, then make sure to take him for a walk first to allow him to release some nervous energy. Then let him near the tank to see it and smell it. Luckily he can’t actually smell the fish so he should end up ignoring it eventually.

Keep the Aquarium off Limits

If you’ve ever read sites like Aquarium Source, then you already know that some fish breeds have to be kept separate. It may come to pass that your fish and dogs have to be kept separate too. If you find that you are always trying to keep your dog from tipping over the fish tank, then you may have to take drastic measures.

You could end up needing to keep the aquarium in a room where the dog doesn’t have access. If your dog can’t keep their excitement under control when they are around the tank then this is your best bet.

This is not an ideal solution, but you may have to at least start out this way until you can slowly train your dog to accept that the tank is not something for her to play with.

Keep the Tank High

If you can make sure the tank is up where the dog can’t reach then you don’t even need to worry about keeping the dog and fish separate.

They still may know the fish is there since they can smell things underwater, but it will blend into the background and more or less be forgotten.

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