Things To Consider When Getting Your Dog A Cooling Mat And Pad

When the weather is hot, it’s a great time for cold drinks filled with ice and going to the beach. However, the hot weather may not be as much fun for the dogs as it is with people.

A dog’s fur helps keep them warm during cold weather. However, it’s not much help when it’s hot. If you notice your dog lying on the floor to cool off, maybe you should consider getting him a cooling mat or pad.

Here’s are the things you should consider when you decide to buy:


When you’re looking for a dog cooling mat, the first one you should consider is the filling inside it. It can come in different things, such as gel, water, or memory foam. The filling determines how long the mat or pad can stay cool.

  • Gel – If you live in a place where the heat is prolonged, consider getting a gel mat because it stays cool the longest. You need to put the gel mat or pad inside the fridge for a few minutes, and it’ll be cool for at least 5 to 6 hours.
  • Water – Water mats or pads are soft and comfortable. However, they don’t stay cool as long as gel ones. You’ll have to put them in the fridge frequently, but you can never freeze them. Putting it inside the freezer will make it hard and will no longer be comfortable for your dogs.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam beds have micro gel beads so they can stay cool as long as ordinary mat pads. If your dogs are old or have any injuries, their weak joints will have proper support.


The outer material of the cooling pad is also an essential factor in the structure. Different cooling mats can come in various materials, so be sure to look at what’s outside, too. For dog pads, you need to make sure that it’s durable enough for dog use.

Dogs are playful and sometimes prone to biting and scratching. If your dog damages the pad, the contents can spill out, which will make it useless. You might end up buying new mats every time your dog tears it up, which can be costly.


Cooling pads come in different sizes, too, so you need to consider your dog’s size. Whether your dog is a small or large breed, there’s a cooling mat or pad for your best friend. You can measure your dog to know what fits his size best.

If you have a puppy, you might want to research how big his breed can get. Knowing how large he can grow will let you save on buying new cooling pads every time he grows. You can choose the size that fits the fully grown adult of your dog’s breed so your puppy can grow into them.

Ease of Maintenance

Cooling pads don’t come with self-cleaning features or have permanent anti-dirt and antibacterial properties. Now and then, as a responsible dog parent, you need to clean the cooling mat or pad.

Most have waterproof materials, so it’s easy to wipe it clean. However, you also have to consider the cleaning products you use. Some chemicals may be too harsh and can damage the material. Choose products that are dog-friendly, too, so any residue would not be harmful to your furbabies.


Dog cooling pads and mats are for the comfort of your dogs, especially during hot weather. In places where summers can get extreme temperatures, it’s crucial that you help your dog cool off or else it can be harmful to them because they can also get heatstroke.

Different fillings and materials can affect the comfort level of the cooling pad. As mentioned, you also need to consider your dog’s status. If you have a healthy dog, he may be okay with any material. However, for injured or weak dogs, consider getting memory foam for the support.


One last thing you may want to consider is the design. It may not be as important as the functional features, but the design can also have a bit of impact. You may have a theme for the items you buy for your dog, such as the colors you prefer, so you can look into different colors you can buy. There are also fun prints out there that can be cute, too.

Final Thoughts

Dogs provide companionship and love that a lot of people may not be able to give you. A cooling bed is one way for pet owners, like you, to show appreciation and love to their dogs. Opening your home to them is already something they’d be happy about, but loving and caring for them genuinely shows the love a person can have for their dog pals.

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