Can a Child Take Care of a Pet?

Every now and then we see adorable videos of young children with pets on social media. While these heartwarming videos tend to pull a string in our hearts and often make us wonder if we should get a pet for our little siblings or children, the reality can be quite different. There are a lot of pros and cons to consider before getting a pet at a home with very young children. Multiple factors have to be taken into consideration such as the threat to a child’s health, the risk of the pet getting aggressive with a child and whether a suitable environment for both the child and the pet can be maintained at home. In this article, let’s take a look at the merits and demerits of a child taking care of a pet.

First things first, the purpose of this article is not to discourage you from getting a pet if you have a child at home. Children and pets can work really well. So we’ll start by speaking about the positives of integrating your child with a pet.

Your Child Gets To Have A Companion

It’s often difficult for parents to give adequate time to children other than catering to their needs. Children nowadays are deprived of companionship to other children or playmates as well. This is a role in which a pet can play very well. Pets are the only living forms that have similar energy levels to that of young children. Hence, your child will get a playmate and friend in the form of your pet.

Taking Care of a Pet can Develop a Sense of Responsibility

Caring for and taking responsibility for a pet can be a huge boosting factor for a child’s development. The child will learn to be affectionate towards a living being and learn to take responsibility, a development which will only enhance with time and build a strong character when they grow up.

Your Child will Get a Loyal Friend

Some pets, especially dogs, develop a deep sense of empathy and bonding with the human who takes care of them. They are known to be loyal and protective of their guardians. In a pet, your child will get a playmate, a loyal friend who would respect and safeguard their secrets, an admirer and a being which would always stand in the way of harm. Such a companion, as we know now, can prove to be invaluable.

However, the grass can prove to be not so greener on this side. There are cases in which pets and kids don’t go well. Let’s take a look at some of the threats a pet can provide to your child.

Aggressive Animals

Some animals tend to be aggressive and an aggressive pet can pose a serious threat to your child’s safety. There have been incidents of bites and scratches which have led to serious injuries and in some cases, fatalities. Animals react spontaneously to certain events. Hence, choosing a less physically strong animal and constant supervision is recommended.

The threat to a child’s health: There are some diseases which humans get from animals. Your pet will carry a lot of germs and there will be a high risk of your child contracting diseases from those germs when coming into contact with pets. As a result, you should vaccinate your child as well as your pet to keep them from getting diseases. In addition, keep them hygienic and the house clean and tidy as well.

The Most Appropriate Pet for Your Children?

Pets are the best guide to teach your children empathy, care, and love. However, for children who are around 5 to 12 years old, the choice of pets should be cute, small and adorable like them. Get your children a tiny fluffy kitten or an adorable puppy. Not only will they both of them grow up together but your children will learn to love and care. And most importantly they will develop a sense of responsibility through feeding their pets, tucking them in for bedtime and many more adventures.

More Variations of Pets for Your Little Angel

In addition, there are birds, bunnies even turtles which turn out to be an amazing companion for children. However, most of the children prefer puppies and kittens over anything. It is also to mention, adopt these animals, if your child is bonding with a stray animal do not discourage them, in fact, take the animal. Give it a warm bath take it to the vet to make them a part of your family. Everyone understands the language of love, therefore, handling a pet with love will not be a threat to any child. And for precaution against animal fur, any parent can invest in a proper vacuum cleaner for pet hair available here

Overall, I would say it is a great idea to get a pet for your child if you tend to the terms and conditions. Children under the age of ten are unable to take care of large animals, so make sure to get them smaller ones similar to their sizes. Also, supervise your child until they seem to be responsible enough, when they are able to take care of the pet alone.

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