Top 13 Dog Leashes To Buy In 2018

Taking your dog for a walk is a compulsory activity. It needs to exercise, get a wave of fresh air, bump into other dogs on the way and maybe say hey to the delivery guy.  Well, for that to happen, you will need a leash to keep your pet on track on your way. It may get freaked out and decide to run off into the forest. Chances are you might never be able to find it: not to scare you though.

As you purpose to keep your dog happy with the bonding period, you will need to equally treat him to a quality leash that is not going to break after a week of purchasing it. More so, your friend needs to be comfortable. It is for this reason that you will be required to be a bit keen and particular when shopping for a leash. That does not mean it has to be an impossible task. With some help, you can find the perfect leash for your dog’s picnics and morning runs. The following is a list of the best leashes in the market that you should put into consideration.

1. TaoTronics retractable hands-free dog leash with dual bungees

The TaoTronics leash is a great deal, primarily because it gets to fit all dog sizes. As you shop, you will not have to worry too much if it is going to strangle your friend. This quality is attributed to the fact that it is retractable. The deal could not get better! You don’t need to task your hands while using this leash. You can work your do hand’s free and give your hands other duties on the way such as texting. The leash comes in two different colors and a reflector which is stitched into it. It tells you how much the security of you and your dog is covered even if you are walking in the dark. It is made of quality material, and you can count on it to give you service for long.

2. Max and neo reflective nylon dog leash

This leash comes with a reflector to guarantee your safety and improve visibility if you are walking in a place that is not well lit. Well, this one is not hands-free, but you can be sure that it is going to be very comfortable on your hands. It is made of quality material, which makes it durable regardless of the amount of pressure it will be subjected to. The manufacturer has gone further ahead and promised durability and quality by giving this leash a lifetime warranty. If you like to play with the colors, your interests have also been put into consideration; you will have five colors to pick from.

3. Paw Lifestyles heavy duty dog leash

If you consider your dog to be a little extra on the size, say medium or large, then this would be your best pick. The leash is sturdy, which makes it be able to stand the test of time. The handles of the leash are double padded giving your hands the comfort required as you walk your dog. More so, if you prefer walking your dog in the night, the manufacturer has ensured that your activities remain safe by giving the leash reflective threading.

4. Heavy duty retractable dog leash by Hertzko

Is your dog stubborn and enjoys a tag of war every other minute: especially while you walk? You cannot afford to be without this retractable leash. The leash by Hertzko will go a long way in keeping your big friend in check. It has the capability of stretching up to 16 feet, accompanied with a firm grip, thanks to its ergonomic design that also ensures the comfort of your hands. Additionally. The leash has been made of quality material to ensure that it does not snap in the line of duty.

5. Outdoormaster bungee dog leash

What is the deal with this leash? It must be its unique design. The design is not only good for the eyes but also serve a massive purpose of providing maximum comfort to you as the dog owner and at the same time, seeing to it that your dog has been freed to risk that mostly co0me with aggression. Yes! The outdoor master is perfect for aggressive friends. The handles are padded to minimize strain on your hand, and the leash is made of nylon, which takes care of its longevity. Also, your safety and visibility while walking your dog at night has been put into consideration, thanks to the reflective threading

6. Vaun Duffy double dog leash

Do you have two dogs and have limited time to walk them on separate occasions? Vaun Duffy leash is here to save the day. You do not need to struggle with keeping both of your hands busy trying to keep your pets in control as you walk them.  This leash allows you to walk two dogs at the same time, with minimal strain. Do not worry about the pressure your hands might get for walking two dogs at the same time. The leash comes with padded handles to ensure that there is no strain on your side. More so, the leash is adjustable, and it should be able to take care of your dogs regardless of their sizes.

7. Leashboss Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs

      Is your dog a puller? You will need a leash that is designed explicitly for a puller. The perfect leash for this job will be the Leashboss. It has been designed to withstand extreme pull without giving in. To make sure that the handle does not snap out of the leash, it is inbuilt: do not expect your dog to break loose with this one. As a walker, your comfort has been put into consideration during the design of the handle. Further on the durability of this leash, the manufacturer has given you an excellent 5-year warranty! The leash comes in an array of four colors that will allow you to make the walk a bit livelier.

8. Phydeaux’s Mountain Climbing Rope Dog Leash

The Phydeaux’s Mountain Climbing Rope is probably the strongest leash you can find in the market. If your dog is in the habit of breaking the leash then you have to introduce this one. This leash cannot break. You will save yourself the hassle of parting with a cheque every time you walk your dog. You can find the leash in both four and six feet in length. Additionally, you have 12 colors to choose from. The most surprising thing is that the leash can handle up to 1000 pounds! That, however, does not deny you a warranty. The manufacturer has gone an extra mile and availed a 1-year warranty on purchase. The beauty of it is that the leash will not be too heavy on your hands, considering its durability and strength!

9. Leatherberg Leather Dog Leash

A leather leash is a classic. With this, you get both durability and style. When talking of a leather leash, you might want to get you a Leatherberg. You get to enjoy so much with this deal. The leash is six feet long and designed to take care of even the large dogs. It comes in two colors that are, brown and black. The advantage of the leather leash is that unlike its nylon counterparts, you will no longer be dealing with dust and dog hair all over. Well, it may be more expensive than the rest of them, but the quality is unmatched. It is worth it!

10. Timber and tide outdoor co – premium heavy duty leather dog leash

This one is a catch! The leash is made of pure grain. What does that tell you? So much about the comfort, strength, and durability of the leash. If your dog is either medium or large, you should be associating yourself with the leather leash from Timber and Tide. Unlike most of the leashes, this one is water resistant, allowing you to treat our dog to some rain. Well, since it is made of leather, you can rely on it to stand the test of time.

11. Best Splurge: Ezydog Handy Dog Leash

If you love yourself some comfort while walking your pet, you should go for this leash. The handle has a unique glove-like handle that is specially designed for your convenience. Additionally, it is coupled with a shock-resistant bungee to contain spontaneous pulls you’re your dog. Its adjustability is up to 36’’ to 48”. The Ezydog leash is a game changer: it is convenient for people who might be having problems with the hands too. All this is thanks to the glove-like handle. The strength and durability of the leash have also not been traded for its unique features. You can expect it to last a lifetime.

12. Petsafe nylon dog leash

This leash is multipurpose; you can use it for both your dog and cat. Made of nylon material, its durability is unquestionable. It comes in varying lengths and widths all dependent on the needs of your dog. It comes in 6 different colors and a classic design: all at an affordable price.

13. Primal pet gear double handle dog leash

If you like to get you more control over your pet, then the primal pet gear is the best choice. As the name suggests, the leash comes with a double handle, which makes the ordeal even safer for your dog. It is made of nylon material, which screams durability. The handles are padded for the comfort of your hands, and you have a variety of colors to pick from.

The leashes above are the best yet in the market, the next time you go shopping, consider picking one of the thirteen. 

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