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There’s no denying the fact that there are dogs that have trouble with some pet food formulas that contain grain. This is because grain is something that can cause certain allergies in dogs. There are dogs that are highly sensitive to several ingredients in pet food which really limits the food that they can eat. This is why it is fantastic that Annamaet, along with several other brands of kibble, has come up with a grain free formula that can be fed to those sensitive dogs. This review will be taking a look at the Annamaet Grain Free dog food nutrition and what makes it so.

History of Annamaet Grain Free Dog Food

Annamaet focuses on providing your dogs with healthy, holistic and natural nutrition. This is so that they can live healthy and happy lives brought about by the good nutrition that this dog food provides. The quality of this kibble is attested to by the fact that it was fed consistently to working dogs, sled dogs and competitive dogs for over twenty two long years. What’s more is that it was fed to all ages of dogs from puppies to seventeen year-old retirees. This review will be taking a look specifically at the Annamaet Grain Free Aqualuk formula.

Annamaet Grain Free Dog Food Ingredients

The Aqualuk formula is basically the cold water fish formula in the grain free line of Annamaet dog food. As such, it comes as no surprise that the first ingredient is salmon meal. This ingredient is followed by potato, a great source of carbs. Third comes catfish meal, another fish that provides a good amount of protein. Field peas provide this mix with more carbohydrates and some natural fibre. As Annamaet sticks to their grain-free formula, they have included another source of carbohydrates that is both grain and gluten free: tapioca. Menhaden fish oil is added into this kibble to provide it with even more of  the healthy fatty acid omega-3. This is followed by herring meal, another fish ingredient.

This kibble is truly rich in Omega-3 because not only does it contain several fish sources and menhaden fish oil, but it also contains canola oil. This ingredient may be seen as somewhat controversial because while some may see it as a healthy addition, others also see it as unhealthy. However, there is no proof at all that this oil is harmful or unhealthy in any way (except perhaps if included in far too much a quantity). Not as well that all the fish ingredients here contain natural preservatives only. This means they are ethoxyquin-free.

Notable Ingredients

  • Salmon meal
  • Potato
  • Catfish meal
  • Field peas
  • Tapioca
  • Menhaden fish oil
  • Herring meal
  • Canola oil
  • Probiotics
  • Chelated minerals

Annamaet Grain Free Dog Food Coupons

To make this dog food more affordable, you could always try to get coupons for Annamaet Grain Free dog food.

Annamaet Grain Free Dog Food Review and Rating

After taking a closer look, it has come to our attention that this kibble contains above average protein and fat content and below average carbohydrate content when held in comparison to other kibbles. This, along with the great ingredients list, has pretty much brought us to give this kibble the highest possible rating of five out of five stars. Highly recommended.

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