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ACANA Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food receives the Dog Food Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars. It is a well-balanced food for all Life Stages dog and it recipe certified by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control). It is a great quality dog food but a bit expensive. We can assure you that your dog will definitely like this food. If you always like to give your dog a different test then it can be a perfect choice.

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Why Acana Heritage?

ACANA Heritage is an incredible way to introduce your dog to a diet food which has high-quality nutrition. ACANA Heritage recipes follow champion’s BAFRINO guideline. B.A.F.R.I.N.O stands for Biologically Appropriate Fresh Regional Ingredients that are Never Outsourced.


B = Biologically

A = Appropriate

F = Fresh

R = Regional

I = Regional

N = Never

O = Outsourced

This is the guideline to the golden standard that made ACANA so unique for after 25 years. These recipes are designed on Kentucky DogStar® Kitchens that exit the requirement expecting in your dog’s food. All the foods are made with fresh and regional ingredients sourced from local regional firms.

Ingredients: 60% MEAT, 40% Vegetables, fruits & Botanicals & 0% Grain, Potato, Tapioca.

Type of ACANA Heritage dog food:

There are 9 types of ACANA Heritage dry dog foods are available in the market.

  1. Puppy Small Breed
  2. Puppy & Junior
  3. Puppy Large Breed
  4. Adult Small Breed
  5. Cobb Chicken & Greens
  6. Adult Large Breed
  7. Sport & Agility
  8. Light & Fit
  9. Senior Dog

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