10 Things You Should Keep Away from Your Dog

Owning pets is a responsibility. Remember your parents advising you when you were a kid that you were not ready to own a pet? It is because taking care of a pet is an obligation you cannot ignore or skip. Your furry friends need attention, care and love round-the-clock. You must provide them with the appropriate environment and routine for a happy and healthy life.

Dogs are the most desired animals to be kept as pets. It is because they are extremely friendly around humans and are easily accommodatable in a household. However, dogs also need loads of care and attention to keep them happy. You may need to purchase dog supplies online to provide your dog with the proper care and upkeep they require.

As a part of taking care of your dogs, you will also have to make sure your pawed friends stay away from a few things that can be very dangerous for them. In the read ahead, we have listed down ten things you must keep away from your dogs to ensure they stay safe and out of harm’s way.

1. Human Food

The food you eat is for you only and should not be consumed by the dog. Our pet dogs are more like family to us. It is a natural reaction to share whatever you are eating with them at the dinner table, especially when they are sitting there ogling at you eating that delicious avocado salad. But wait, put aside all your lovey-dovey feelings and remember, avocados can be poisonous for the dogs. They are incredibly healthy for humans but not really for the dogs. Avocadoes contain a substance called persin that can cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea. It can instead turn toxic for your fur baby.

There are a few other food items that can be poisonous for your dog, such as grapes and raisins, which can induce kidney failure in dogs for some unknown reasons. One other substance that can cause significant damaging effects on your dog is Xylitol which is present in many food products such as candy and sugar-free chewing gum. It may cause vomiting and seizures if consumed by dogs. It may also cause liver failure in severe cases. Some other foodstuff that can be extremely harmful to your dog includes most nuts and seeds, mushrooms, alcohol, tomatoes, etc.

It is safe to avoid giving your dog any human food for consumption to steer clear of any chances of ruining their health.

2. Chocolates

You may love consuming chocolates; it may also be your favourite dessert, but not so much for the dog. Chocolates, even if consumed in minute amounts can cause damage to your dog’s health. Chocolates contain a substance named methylxanthines. This substance, even if consumed in smaller amounts, can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. However, if ingested in a large quantity, it can be extraordinarily hazardous and also cause death.

Dark chocolate is known to contain more of methylxanthines than milk or white chocolates and can be excessively more harmful to the dog. The size of your dog also plays a significant part in determining the level of harm a bar of chocolate can cause to your dog. For smaller dogs, consuming even half an ounce of chocolate can prove fatal, whereas larger dogs may ingest 4 ounces of chocolate and still survive with severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Other food items that have similarly hazardous chemicals are caffeine and coffee.

All sort of candies, chocolates, desserts must be at a place away from your dog to avoid any harmful incident from happening that may cost your dog it’s life.

3. Medicines

It is quite apparent to make sure that all your medicinal items are kept somewhere out of the reach of pets and babies. It is a fundamental code of proper house management. Medicinal items pose a severe hazard if ingested in excess to the prescribed amount. Over the counter medicines contain substances such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen, which can be extremely harmful to your dog if consumed.

Prescription medicines are also severely damaging. Even a small intake of a drug can prove fatal for your dog. Anti-inflammatory pills and pain-killers can be damaging to your dog’s kidney and cause kidney failure. They may also result in intestinal and stomach ulcers in your dog.

You should also keep blood pressure medications strictly away from your dog. Moreover, antidepressant pills may cause your dog vomiting and severe diarrhoea. In the extremely worst-case scenario, overconsumption of antidepressants may cause serotonin syndrome. It is a critical health condition which may cause seizures, dangerously high rise in temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.

It is vital to keep medications strictly away from areas and places that your dog can reach. Dogs have a habit of chewing on things. They may eat on a packet of tablets and as a result, consume the medicine.

4. Household Items

You may not realise, but particular household stuff may be extremely harmful to your dog’s health. Similar to how bleaching products if consumed by humans, may cause severe health hazards, they can also be poisonous for your pets. You should always store away from your dog’s reach all chemicals for pool cleaning, paint thinners, fire logs, and other items that have the slightest chance of causing a risk to your dog’s health. Consuming such harmful household products may result in upset stomachs, respiratory tract issues, chemical burns, and renal failure.

5. Your Dog’s Grooming Products

The grooming products you use for your dog such as their shampoos, conditioners flea powders, tick treatments, etc. may also at times cause your dog harm if ingested. Just like some over the counter medicines may cause opposite reactions for humans, the same applies to your canine buddies. Some products may also be accidentally consumed by your dog during a bath and wash. Hence, you must get products that do not cause any harm if they go in your dog’s tummy. Make sure you discuss with your dog’s vet before using any products on your dog.

6. Plants

If you love gardening and also own a dog, then you might need to be a little careful. A few plants can cause severe problems for your dog if eaten. Plants may look very beautiful but may turn ugly for your dog in specific scenarios. Daffodils and tulips are known to cause severe difficulty in breathing if the flower bulbs are consumed. It may also cause stomach troubles and an increase in your dog’s heart rate.

Consuming merely a few tiny seeds of the sago palms may result in seizures, vomiting and liver failure. Rhododendrons and azaleas are also pretty amazing looking plants that can be critical for a dog’s health. They contain toxins that can cause coma, diarrhoea, vomiting and in extreme cases, even death.

7. Insecticides

Insecticides and rat baits may be harmful to your dog as they may also attract your canine buddy as they would attract any other insect or rat. Such chemicals are made containing hazardous substances to kill insects. When you plan to fit in insecticides and rodenticides around the house, it is necessary to ensure you place the baits in areas where your dog would not be able to reach. Such places could be under the couch or any other item of furniture.

8. Metal

Smaller coins such as pennies can be extremely harmful to your dog if consumed. Often surgery is required to remove the coins from your dog’s system. The best way to ensure your dog does not consume any such items is to make sure you do not carry any change in your pockets. Also, you should keep away any metal items around the house that are tiny and can easily be eaten by your dog.

9. Cleaning Agents

Cleaning products such as detergents and floor washes can be very detrimental for your dog’s stomach. They contain harsh chemicals which if consumed, can cause stomach upsets, diarrhoea and vomiting. You should keep away all such cleaning agents out of the reach of your dog. You could also try and invest in organic cleaners which pose a lesser risk of destroying your dog’s health if ingested.

10. Fertilisers

Fertilisers may smell like food to your dog. Therefore, whenever you are gardening, make sure your dog does not accidentally munch on some of the compost. It is because fertilisers contain harmful insecticides and pesticides, which can make your dog sick. You should also ensure all fertilisers are kept out of the reach of the dog since these canines have a habit of chewing and eating on things. They may chew on the fertiliser packs and eat some when you are not aware.


Dogs are man’s best friend. Time and again, they have demonstrated their loyalty to the humankind. In return, they need attention, care and relentless love. Make sure you provide your pawed buddies with the care and protection they need to live a happy, healthy, and long life.

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