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For more than fifteen thousand years, dogs and humans have kindled a deep relationship with no other pairing on the planet. At the canter of that relationship is food. Feeding our dogs every day is part of the unwritten, unspoken deal we’ve made in return for their protection, their aid in hunting and herding, and, for most of us nowadays, their companionship. We love to feed our dogs, and our dogs love to eat.

As we uphold our end of the bargain, we have many choices in what and how we feed our furry friends, just as we have choices for ourselves. Our lifestyles, budgets, health consciousness, and culinary ambitions all influence what we put into the food bowls and on our plates. Our dog food advisor has been researching on dog food for years. Our dog food advisor will help you to choose top quality dry dog food which is nutritionally balanced and made with fresh ingredients.

Top 100 dry dog food

best dry dog food review


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